Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Egyptian Soccer Fans Stick it to Police and Army Generals!

The highly organized Ultras White Knights fans of the Second most popular soccer club in Egypt, Zamalek, played a key role in the January uprising against the Mubarak regime and sacrificed a number of martyrs. Since the resumption of the Egyptian Premiere League  over a month ago, Soccer fans have mixed rooting for their teams with expressions of support for the revolution in Egypt and across the Arab world.

Video 1:

Zamalek fans at a recent game haunt police officers with a special song!

We did not forget Tahrir, dirty bastards
The revolution was a disaster for you guys.
There is no one for us to complain to 
because our officers are bunch of pimps.
We gave you a lick
that you will never forget!

مش ناسيين التحرير يا ولاد الوسخة
دي الثورة كانت بالنسبة ليكوا نكسة
هنروح و نقول لمين .. ظباط معرصيـن
أخدتوا علقة مخدتوهاش في سنين

Video 2:

The Ultras White Knights demonstrate against all military trials including those of soccer fans in Tahrir square on 20 May!

Military Council,
you talk of justice
but our brothers in jail
are innocent!

ألتراس الزمالك ينددون بالمحاكمات العسكرية

Source: Arabawy.org

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