Sunday, June 5, 2011

Egypt: A new wave of strikes begins! موجة جديدة من الاضرابات تبدأ في مصر

As the Egyptian Cabinet of Prime Minister Essam Sharaf fails to meet basic workers' demands in its new budget and as it breaks many promises it made to workers since March, a new wave of strikes and protests is beginning to rise after a period of relative calm.

Below are videos and articles of some of the struggles that broke out after the May 27 Friday of Anger protest.

1- Egypt Air Flight Attendants protest corruption, work conditions and squandering of company resources by company officials.

The Second Day!
اليوم الثاني بالشعر!

2- Teachers threaten to strike to protest unsatisfactory new minimum wage law

3-مؤقتو جامعة المنصورة يقطعون طريق منطقة الجامعة
Temp Workers in Mansoura University block Street to demand full-time jobs.

4-اعتصام عمال بتروتريد
Appointed PetroTrade workers protest outside of cabinet to demand jobs after waiting 3 years!

5-وقفة احتجاجية لعمال مجلس الشعب
Parliament workers demand full-time jobs. Some workers have worked as per-diems for as long as 15 years.

6-اعتصام عمال المترو
Subway workers protest to demand dismissal of CEO and their return as employees under the Railway Administration.

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