Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Egypt Video: a song that millions played!

Khaled Said was a 28 year-old Alexandrian that did not see his 29th birthday. He was a victim of Hosni Mubarak’s security police who seized the young man while he was at an Internet cafe this past June, and beat him severely before crashing his skull against the sidewalk. His crime: he was computer savvy and was exposing police corruption on line. His death occurred in broad daylight.

Said’s last post was a video to the Internet of Egyptian police sharing profits from a drug deal.

In Egypt, massive demonstrations followed the death of Khaled Said. As reported by trueslant.com, in less than 48 hours, 100,000+ Egyptians joined his Facebook memorial page.

Millions played this song in the months leading up to the January 25th revolution:

"We must have a voice. The world must hear it!"


A video mobilizing for January 25th!


Rest in peace, Khaled!

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